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You hear sounds, you see colors. But you do not stop there. You play with your creative imagination as you build air Castles in the sand and paint it with the brightest tints to make yourself a paradise.

This is not a mere FANTASY.

This is REALITY viewed in a LIGHTER shade.

Leaving the anxieties behind and explore the worlds surprises. Even the little things you used to ignore can bring a brilliant meaning to your existence. With such discovery, mirth slowly fill your soul like the drifting of time.

And when you grow old, let there be a memento that will strike the chord back to the good old days.

Let iKUWADERNO serve its purpose.

Wounded. Dejected. Shattered into bitter fragments.

It may have happened. Or the disaster is yet to come. Nobody knows when. And nobody escapes from it.

There might come a time when, while you stand still on the same ground where your feet used to stay, you feel lost in the wilderness of sorrow. Or perhaps, as you try to draw a curve from your lips, you come to realize that you have lost the strength to experience complacency. There might even come an hour when, while your nostrils still breathe and your heart remains to pump blood unto your vessels, you feel that you are lifeless for your spirit was taken away from your body.

At that moment, you may feel lifeless.

But for IAmAthan.com, you are the source of life.

And as you sought for a way to relinquish the burden of your emotion, you took refuge from the power of your mind.

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About The Author

I am Cool person! Embarassed bounce hehe..but.it’s hard to describe myself.. i’m not a
really loud person, n sumtimes i can be a really shy person, especially
when i just meet sum1 new.. i luv to pull some jokes to my frenz, cuz i
luv havin fun with my frenz n i just wanna make ’em happy when they’re
around me.. i can be a serious person too, well.. it depends.. anyways,
dat’s all bout my personalities, i think.. movin on, “i luv music i
love pretty gurls and i love to eat i made this file on my mind and i
am very very kind!” well its kindah corny and a lot of originality
.yeah..when it comes to music i like alternative one, and rock but
moving on, “i like to drive fast in fancy cars and chicks dig me like
chocolate bars.”yeah alot of originality.. I’m actually a nice guy. My
worst quality is also my best. I’m very honest about what I think, say,
and feel. I really LOVE music and radio seems to be the perfect venue
for me to share my love. Besides… There’s some pretty cool stuff you
can do and see doing what I do for a living. Now… What do I wanna be
when I grow up? NOTHING! I don’t wanna grow up, man!!! I don’t even
LIKE grown-ups… actually im a real person and hundred% human!
but………it’s hard to describe myself.. i’m not a really loud
person, n sumtimes i can be a really shy person, especially when i just
meet sum1 new.. i luv to pull some jokes to my frenz, cuz i luv havin
fun with my frenz n i just wanna make ’em happy when they’re around
me.. i luv music.. I dont play guitar, n still thinkin bout forming my
own band.. dat would be cool, wouldnt it be?? Very Happy avril, alex band n
simple plan’s songs inspire me the most.. i dunno, maybe it’s because
their songs represent wut i feel n wut my life is like, so
yea.hale,speaks&cueshe songs inspire me now!.

+++More About ME+++

who is your ultimate crush?

–er,no one in particular…hmmmmm let me think!… yeah! AVRIL!

when was the first time u went out with a girl?

–u mean date? hmmmm, i forgot……..i mean, i don’t want 2 remember!

embarrassing moment during a date?


sweetest thing u’ve ever done to someone?

–kinukulit, lambing..kiss!!!!!! ******************* nxt tym ul8!

choose: rich or not so rich girl?–tough question..im not a choosy type of person, slight cguro! seriously as long as we luv each other! Hehe/ rock on!

turn offs:

–yung may mga bisyo,b.i.
lng ksma!…hehe good guy kc ako e, 100% human! tpos ung mxado
friendly! [ano un? everybody’s girlfriend?!?]

ideal date?

–stroll,kakain ng khit ano!..talk & go to movie houses! den stroll, kain, tpos ung surprise n lng wat comes next!

qualities you really seek for in a girl?

me think..(after 1 day)..hindi masyadong friendly,snobbish type(sum1 hu
catches my attention,bihira mo na kc makita ang ganitong
specie),CARELESSLY SEDUCTIVE!(hmmmmmmmm, ndi ito totoo, s lhat ng cnabi
ko, d2 kau wag maniwla)…smart at thoughtful din.. sweeet, caring,
basta lhat ng good qualities!

silliest thing ever happened with a crush?

–hehe, wag n lng!

saddest moment during a date?

–wla, lhat happy moments! ung mga sad moments nkalimtan ko n! natrash n sa unconsciuos mind ko!

who was ur first kiss?

–hmmmmmm….. akin n lng un! dats my priv8 life! hehe

first love:

–by utada hikaru!!!! cute ng song na to!

truth bout your lovelife?

–i think it’s better for me to not xpose my luvlyf! MYSTERY n lng s inyo! dba mas okey un pra xciting!

curious and anxious boutt what?

–kissing????? hehehe [joke!]

define love:

–love is……. love is like….. hmmmmmmmm ME!

what type of music do u like to listen at the moment?

–alternative, soft rock, rnb & OPMs & all songs dt catches my senses!

what’s the siliest thing uv’e ever done to urself?


any piercing?


how bout tatto?

–tattoes are ok, but hav no tattoe

any fave accessories?


what do u think was ur worst hobby?

–WORST? as in WORST?…….. nah!

what’s the word u often hear from ur sistahrrs?

–hav no sisters!…

ever cried in front of the class?


who do u think was the niciest girl uv’e ever met?

— nice question! of course,…………….. dat sum1 who makes my life conplete! nyc song!hehe

who do u think the nastiest person u’ve ever met?

— never mind!

what’s inside ur head?

— to study hard! =P

what are ur plans for today?

–juzz want to hang around,go to my business appointments,and i wanna tell mahh

precious i luv her… & tell to mah family i love them & have party for us just for fun!