iOS 11 Released! Everything You Need To Know!

iOS 11 FINALLY Released! iOS 11.0 Review, Everything You Need To Know! Features, Changes & Final Thoughts.

iOS 11 FULL Review:
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19 Replies to “iOS 11 Released! Everything You Need To Know!”

  1. Lee's world! ._. says: Reply

    Why can't my iPad Air 2 get the new update?

  2. I got ios 11 beta 10 and now I can’t get out of beta next update says ios 11.1 beta help??

  3. Fake iOS 11 is not out yet

  4. do not update the ios11 it makes phone very hot, ang hang all the time

  5. tychoswebwereld says: Reply

    I safe 3 GBs by updating

  6. I saved 4gb

  7. The worst iOS update ever in history

  8. ᗰᗩᑕKᗩᐯEOᑎ 3009 says: Reply

    I had 58 Mb then I had 3.7

  9. Matthew Homewood says: Reply

    Just don’t have more storage do you know how to fix this?

  10. iOS 10.3.3 officially no longer signed

  11. Malanta Manning says: Reply

    FAKE phone haven't even came out yet so… 😥😥😥😥😡😡😡😡💦💦🖕

  12. I went from 2 gb to 6 gb

  13. 1 gb left when I updated 8 gb left

  14. Hi idk if anyone can help me but I live in area with very slow wifi and I was trying to download the update last night but couldnt. First I tried on my iPhone and it said it would take 11 hours. I don't have time for that, so then I connected my phone to my computer and asked it to download. It did so I left it there overnight thinking it would be done but when I checked it this morning it had stopped overnight because my computer sometimes will turn off the wifi when in sleep mode. I would like to update but it's so annoying. Any help is appreciated. Btw I am using an iPhone 6s.

  15. Drain my battery fast..!!

  16. Does anyone’s battery keep doing fast and quick? Lol fuck…

  17. Saved like 3gb

  18. True on my iPhone 6 I got back 6gb back

  19. True on my iPhone 6 I got back 6gb back

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