PBB Johan Santos Scandal (Photos and Videos)

There are some pictures and videos of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemate Johan Santos circulating in the cyberworld.

The alleged photo is a screenshot of his video scandal.
You can grab the video(s) and/or pictures by going to google.com and using the keywords below: =P
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7 Replies to “PBB Johan Santos Scandal (Photos and Videos)”

  1. you can download the scandal here: http://bit.ly/ar21zP

    1. ndi ko ma open yung site mo

  2. I want to have a copy. where can i download it? or watch it?

  3. Perfect Diamond & Perfect Pearl Proud Owner says: Reply

    you can download it here…

    pls. viewer discretion is advised only for 21 years of age and above pls lang!


    1. bakit wala naman dito? pahingi naman ng specific link oh. thanx in advance.
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  4. Andito yung video ni Johan Santos

    1. pornographic content not allowed.

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