Rebecca Chiongbian – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010

By | April 10, 2010

Rebecca Chiongbian Dubbed as the “Heiress Wonder ng Cebu”.

Nickname: Rebecca
Real Name: Rebecca Dimataga Chiongbian
Origin: Cebu City
Age: 14
Birthdate: April 29, 1996
Nationality: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Religion: Roman Catholic
Hobbies: Soccer
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Lechon Baboy
Favorite Show: The O.C.
Favorite Actor: Gabby Concepcion
Favorite Actress: Anne Curtis
Favorite Singer: Fergie, Spiral Staircase
Mula sa “old rich” family si Rebecca. May-ari ang kanyang tatay ng isang shipping line, samantalang maraming malalaking negosyo ang kanyang nanay. Kahit lumaki sa komportable at marangyang buhay si Rebecca ay hindi daw siya laki sa layaw.Sa dalawang bahay tumutuloy si Rebecca- sa bahay ng kanyang nanay at sa bahay ng yumaong ama. Simple lang ang mga bahay na tinutuluyan niya, ganun din ang silid na tinutulugan niya. Walang aircon at wala masyadong arte.

Walang arte sa katawan si Rebecca, hindi siya mahilig makiuso kaya naman madali siyang mainis sa mga maarte at flirty girls. Masakyan kaya ng mga housemates ang astiging character ng Heiress Wonder? O masyado silang maangasan sa katangiang ito?

Pinoy Big Brother’s grand kickoff celebration, dubbed as “Let The Clash Begins,” hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, and Mariel Rodriguez. Joining in for the party with their special performances are Yeng Constantino, teen musical group Miles, ASAP XV’s new hip boyband A-Pop with members Jaco Benin, Young JV, and Sam Concepcion, plus other surprise guests.


9 thoughts on “Rebecca Chiongbian – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010

  1. Jeff Barrica

    kung talagang mayaman ang mga parents ni PBB Rebecca Dimataga Chiongbian, bakit hindi nila nababayaran ang millions of pesos na utang nila?

    marami nang legal cases ang mga parents nito. check the following criminal and civil cases in Cebu:

    RTC10 CBU-78949
    RTC17 CBU-82591
    RTC19/20 CBU-34049

    Masisira ang reputation ng PBB/ ABS-CBN if they don’t pay attention to this anomaly. They will lose credibility.

    The mother is soon to be put to jail because of estafa. The father recently died because of consumisyon dahil sa dami ng utang.
    Search for the name of the mother, Vivian Dimataga Chiongbian, a well-known “high-end estafadora”.

    1. Jeff Barrica

      The ABS-CBN PBB publicity blurb has major inaccuracies (if not outright lies):
      First, it says that Rebecca’s father owns a shipping line. The truth is he does not own a shipping line. The lolo (Peter) was the founder of the shipping line. And whatever shares Rebecca’s father had have all been dissipated and he died a bankrupt man;
      Second, the PBB blurb also says that Rebecca’s mother is engaged in several big businesses. The truth is that all of these so-called “big businesses” are non-operating shell companies and were merely used by Rebecca’s mother to fool investors to giving her money.
      Visit this webpage:,com_kunena/Itemid,72/catid,14/func,view/id,3/
      You will see the name of Rebecca’s mother, Vivian Chiongbian, a well-known swindler and high-end estafadora.
      What does ABS-CBN PBB seek to achieve by propagating lies?
      Kawawa naman si Rebecca. She’s being manipulated and exploited by her elders.

  2. Jeff Barrica

    What kind of family values and attitudes are being projected by this so-called “Heiress Wonder ng Cebu” who, barely 3 weeks after her father’s death, now decides to engage in such frivolous activity as PBB. Pinagmayabang pa sa ibang blogs na malaki daw ang mana na natanggap nya after her father’s death. Is that their way of honoring the memory of their father? It is obscene. Ganun na ba ka evil ang mga Chiongbian?

    1. Jeff Barrica

      Voting for Rebecca would have been like voting for Richard Gordon: it’s voting for a sure LOSER . There are many reasons for not voting for Richard Gordon: Read Patricia Evangelista’s column in the Inquirer today Sunday May 2, 2010.

      The few who voted for Rebecca are like the few who vote for Richard Gordon: they too are LOSERS. Chiongbians are LOSERS too.

      1. Jeff Barrica

        as expected, Richard Gordon lost. And as expected, Roy Chiongbian lost to Manny Pacquiao. Just goes to show: CHIONGBIANS ARE LOSERS!

  3. blueryder

    she’s the most beautiful girl i’ve seen in pbb history

  4. Jeff Barrica

    Despite decades of dynastic rule by the Chiongbians, Sarangani and Misamis Occidental continue to be among the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Sa palagay nyo, saan napunta ang hundreds of millions of pesos of pork barrel ?

  5. Jeff Barrica

    Vivian Chiongbian so far has managed to escape getting sent to prison by manipulating the corrupt judiciary and exploiting the equally corrupt and incompetent legal practitioners. It simply unbelievable that the judge has allowed for an endless series of postponements by sheerest of excuses such as non-appearance of the accused and her lawyer. This happened several times already. The judge is clearly on the take. And Vivian Chiongbian goes on with her merry, amoral and immoral ways.

  6. Jeff Barrica

    Equally guilty by association (through marriage) are the Koksengs. For their failure to provide sufficient help to the victims of Jeffrey and Vivian Chiongbian, the Koksengs will experience the same bad karma that is now fallen on the Chiongbians. All Kokseng businesses will fail: BTC, Dimsum Express, Golden Cowrie, Hukad, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City, Ding Qua Qua, Grand Majestic. They use too much MSG and they do too much frying (extremely bad for the health).oo much frying (extremely bad for the health).


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