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By | March 31, 2012

GROCERIES – from basic necessities to luxury treats.
– VICTORIA’S SUPERMART along Mabini for those coming down General Luna Rd.
– NOVO along General Luna Rd.
– the grocery at the basement of Abanao Square
– good ol’ TIONG SAN Groceries – one along Magsaysay and Harrison
– HOLIDAY SUPERMART along Bokawkan
– 456 Grocery at the basement of Baguio Center Mall
– Grocery at the basement of Porta Vaga
– Benguet Supermart, Basement of Prime Hotel along Session Rd.
– Puregold at Naguilian Road (what used to be CSI at the basement of Coyeesan)
* For imported groceries, the fancy and not-so-basic needs
– the Commisary at CJH
– the not-so “Black Market” at the dry goods section of the Market (not-so back alleys between pasalubong/fruit/vegetable stalls in the now renovated old market section) and they still do MONEY EXCHANGE THERE, too!
– Mother Earth – 2nd Floor, Midland Building Kisad Rd.
There are some other smaller ones all around the city, but those are the major ones I know that have most of everything.
(Need help here. Haven’t been a student for a while and don’t exactly work in an office. haha!)
– CID along Session Road
– JET BOOKSTORE that moved to 3rd Flr, Porta Vaga
– good all reliable 5CENTS UP (textiles, beading, ribbons, buttons, etc) one in Baguio Center Mall and the other still at the Basement of Country Mart along Mabini Road
– ROMMEL’S(or is that with a single ‘M’? = D) MARKETING – Basement UB Bldg. along General Luna
– PANGHOI (yes, it’s still there, and still pricey. hehe!) along Magsaysay Ave.
– TIONG SAN – both at the Old and the New, both along Magsaysay Ave.
– and if it really has to be NATIONAL BOOKSTORE, there’s one in Abanao Square.
DINING – Baguio is scattered with great places with quality food and service. Here’s a partial list:
– Jollibee & McD – if you don’t know where the nearest Jollibee and/or McD to you is, or if you haven’t passed any of the two on any side of the road (usually one coming after the other on the same side of the street), you are not in the Philippines.
– Army Navy – one on session (food strip, Puso ng Baguio), and one in CJH
– KFC – along Upper Session Road and one in Baguio Center Mall
– Pizza Hut – along upper Session Rd.
– Yellow Cab – along Lower Session Rd.
– Greenwich – along Session Rd.
– Don Henricos – along Session Rd.
– Chowking – one along Lower Session Rd and one in Abanao Square
– Cindy’s (haha!yes, it’s still alive) – Baguio Center Mall
– Dencio’s -CJH Commisary
– Jay-jay’s Inasal – Legarda Road
– Gilligan’s – Legarda Road
– Chicboy – Peliz Loy Bldg, Session Road
– Brod Pitt –
– Kamayan Restaurant – Quezon Hill
– Dunkin Donuts – Lower Session Road
– Mister Donut – Puso ng Baguio Food Strip
* Home-grown
– Pizza Volante – along Session – old Session Theater, Session Rd.
– Zio’s – one along Military Cut-off, one along Magsaysay Avenue, and one across Teachers’ Camp
– 50’s Diner – Leonard Wood Rd.
– Sizzling Plate – one on Session Road another at intersection Kisad and Carino St.
– Steaks and Toppings – Puso ng Baguio food strip
– Solibao Restaurant – one along Session Road and one in Burnham Park
– Star Cafe – Session Road
– Luisa’s Cafe – Session Road
– Rose Bowl –
– Rose Cafe – Diego Silang
– Hill Station – Upper Session Road
– Mario’s – PNR near DPS Compund
– Barrio Fiesta – Upper Session Rd.
– Rose Cafe – Diego Silang St.
– Pop and Mac – Diego Silang St.
– Cafe By The Ruins –
– The Flying Gecko – Session Road
– Cafe Veniz – 2nd Floor, Hotel Veniz
– O Mai Khan – Upper Session Road (Behind PRC)
– HEbrews cafe – Rooftop parking, Porta Vaga Building, Session Rd.
– Vizco’s – Puso ng Baguio Bldg., Session Road
– Good Taste Restaurant – one by the old Dangwa Station and one at Carino St.
– Arca’s Yard, Ambuklao Road — Free entrance, call at least 2 days before to order
– Ebai’s Coffee Shoppe on Upper Session Road
– PNKY – Teachers’ Camp
– Cuccinino – 3rd Floor, Porta Vaga
– Beggang – Burnham Park (skating rink vicinity)
– Canto Bogchi Joint – Lower Engineers’ Hill
– Ocha – Puso ng Baguio food strip, Session Road
– Mother’s Garden along Upper Fairview
– Jack’s Restaurant – one on Session Road, another in Baguio Center Mall, one along Magsaysay Ave. below the Y overpass, and another along Abanao Street.
– Happy Tummies – Across Wright Park, Right After Pacdal Rotonda
– Woods Cafe – Mines View
– Villa Cordillera – Outlook Drive
– Le Chef – Manor Hotel, CJH
– Bohemian Cafe – Assumption Road
– Mandarin Restaurant – Assumption Road
– Rumours Cafe – Session Road
– Sunshine Lunch – Malcom Square area
– Session Delights – Session Road
– Coffee atbp – 4th floor, Puso ng Baguio
Vegetarians’ Galore:
– VOCAS Cafe and Art Gallery aka Oh my Gulay – 5th floor, La Azotea Building (Free entrance, food prices starts at P98)
– Bliss Cafe and Art Gallery – GF Hotel Elizabeth, Gibraltar Rd.
– Central Park – Carino St. and Otek St. intersection
– Health 100 Restorante – Magsaysay Avenue.
– Heaven on Earth – 4th floor, Abanao Square
– Azotea Greens – Mezzanine Floor, La Azotea
– Dieta Verde – 2nd floor Laperal Building (Please ask when they are available & open)
Not-so Local, but only here in Baguio and worth the visit
– Cafe Salud (Bencab Museum) – Asin Road (Entrance fee: P100 for the museum, additional P100 for the garden on the other hill, food prices starts at P100)
HOdori (Korean Cuisine)- Mabini St.
– Ahmad Brothers Cafe (Indian/Pakistani Cuisine) – 4th floor abanao square
– Chaya (Japanese cuisine) – Legarda Road
NOTE: list is open for more suggestions, comments and violent reactions. this was generated from a thread from personal preferences of the contributors from this group, so for the restaurant owners who don’t see the names of their establishments yet, speak UP!

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  1. Anonymous

    Zen Tea, Mt. Cloud, Gecko, and Rumours pa po. All along Session yan. 🙂

  2. Evita

    Laser Marketing po sa may Mabini, and the stores at UB Square near the McDo stall there. Tapos sa may harap ng SLU, there's a line of small businesses there with school supplies. 🙂 Not to mention a line of hardware stores for all your construction needs. U-Need lumber etc.


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