Social Repose – Empress [Official Music Video]

My NEW EP ‘Empress’ is now available world-wide. You Can stream it on spotify or purchase a copy in my E-Store here: or online at itunes and other distributors here:

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20 Replies to “Social Repose – Empress [Official Music Video]”

  1. Gabby/ /Matty says: Reply

    Everytime I see Jaclyn, I say "Bomb Ass Titties" thanks Jaclyn. . .

  2. My Chem Lover says: Reply

    did anyone else notice the keychange

  3. Clickbait Bunny says: Reply

    This is very cool! 😀

  4. Jazmin torres says: Reply

    The thing behind Richie (I'm not sure what it is ) but it reminds me of a anime I watched called ajin on Netflix 😊

  5. I cannot be the only one sorely disappointed with this EP. For one, you kept misleading us by saying it was an album, but it just seems to be severely lacking. Filthy Pride was absolutely brilliant, and still stands as probably one of the best lyrical outings, but Empress itself just seems like it repeats every word of it in the each other song. Sort of a waste of time. Like the drums though, yo.

  6. Sailor Confused says: Reply


  7. Masked Messenger says: Reply

    "I am powerless… To your gluten.."

  8. Juju Bebudyboo says: Reply

    geez i love this song

  9. Panda Bear1923 says: Reply

    Amazing I love where this story is going it’s like full circle, very well planned, beautiful Metaphors. I’m enjoying these so much ❤️

  10. I do engrish Good!!!!!!!!! says: Reply

    Am I the only one that noticed that Richie is wearing blackface?

  11. Nick Corneille says: Reply


  12. Paramour Monster says: Reply

    This has some Cry Wolf vibe to it… I LIKE IT!

  13. here before 100,000 views

  14. Maja Šajatović says: Reply

    I officialy love your music!

  15. i love how it goes back to the filthy pride video

  16. AJIN!!!!!

  17. oh god, i can't stop listening to this one either.

  18. WOW … simply WOW!

  19. fucking great 😇

  20. colin mcmenamin says: Reply

    Well that was terrible.

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