Top 11 iOS 11 Features – What’s New Review

Top 11 iOS 11 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. New Look, Animations, Lock Screen, Control Center, Messages Review.

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15 Replies to “Top 11 iOS 11 Features – What’s New Review”

  1. DRIVECLUB-is-timeless says: Reply

    I'm on Lumia but prepared to switch. Why should i go with iOS instead of Android? Looking at iPhone 7 or Xperia XZ Premium? Any suggestions or advice ?? 😉

  2. Ackeem Esterine says: Reply

    How do I take a Live Photo on my iPhone 5s??

  3. otabek akbarov says: Reply

    Why the fuck is my iPhone lagging ????

  4. beijos sabor morango

  5. Mikey Ibrahim Rogers says: Reply

    Since I have upgraded to iOS 11 since I have upgraded to iOS 11 It is very bad to watch YouTube on Safari keeps on jamming up and freezing And you cannot click on to the next video to your watch to the end of the video Come on Apple Fixit it

  6. Blurry Face l-/ says: Reply

    Why can’t I do the effect for my videos 😒😭

  7. Francis Jacob Christian says: Reply

    You can customize control center so the clutter doesn't really matter….

  8. The funniest thing about this video is when he said thank you Apple for listening to us lol. they don’t listen they just appease you enough to shut you up.
    wake up guys. It’s about that time.

  9. Much too quick to follow.  Slow down a bit and let us linger for just a moment to digest your suggestions.

  10. gabriel gomez says: Reply

    12.9 first gen ipad pro here, the best feature is the massive battery drain, up to 60% faster! wow thanks apple

  11. This was really helpful, well put together video.

  12. I hate the new upadste :c I was so used to the keyboarddddddd ugHHhhHh

  13. Lindz Williams says: Reply

    I downloaded the 11.0.1. Now I can’t hear my phone when it rings with incoming calls, games, and my alarm. No volume at all and I have it turned all the way up?

  14. Hey everythingapplepro, ios 11 rocks and sucks. I can’t seem to open the take video in camera toggle in control center, + new checklist won’t go anywhere.

  15. socheat choeun says: Reply


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