When Love Suddenly Looses Its Way

By | January 12, 2010

You fall inlove unwillingly. Sometimes, it just comes in the most unexpected way. You thought you had really have it all but then at one moment, feel that there is still something missing even if you dont know what it is.Happiness is something that Love gives you. that feeling of fulfillment and contentness that makes you feel satisfied. when the passion of Love just keeps on burning, you feel that warmth within your soul that you wouldn`t want to be anywhere else in this world but to the arms of your love one.

Finding the one is a journey to the unknown. you really dont know if it’s really the One that youre having. Reality gives you a million reason that one should be doubtful but it only takes a drop of faith to continue. pursuing that Love that you thought would really last or Can Last.

“can..” that word requires capability. the capacity of two to make it happen. logically, one relationship can last if you’ll use your mind all over your heart. many could find ways just to keep the drums rolling but they never notice that being reasonable isn’t that essential in keeping the flames burning!

yet, how come when you are on the verge of being so sure, you’ll suddenly feel like it is where you dont really belong. that you suddenly feel guilty to yourself because of the emptiness that you already feel. the coldness of the once intimate relationship…

Falling out of Love…you wake up one day, saying to yourself…

i need to let go

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  1. Thet

    Hi Nathan, just wanted to allocate this: “If you meet a person and you are really attracted, you tend to idealize things. You fall in love with that person, as everything is so new, so fresh. You're having an enormous time discovering all the positive aspects of that person. The dilemma here is that they met each other's expectations at the beginning, but later on, when the fire has cooled off a little, they lean to pull off their masks and show their real selves. And here is where it can lead to conflicts because someone will not have their needs fulfilled, and will feel betrayed in a way. This is usually the moment when the person "falls out of love". They confuse the initial fulfillment of a need which has not been met for a long time with love. Once this urge has been satisfied, they suddenly lose interest and "fall out of love".


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