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Borongan City Mayor explains Executive Order

April 2, 2020 Uncategorized

BORONGAN CITY,  April 2 (PIA) – Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan C. Agda explained that the newly issued Executive Order is meant to protect his people in Borongan.

This he did in a press conference and press briefing for COVID-19 updates in the city.

Executive Order Number JIDCA -014-0320 stating  that only ten people from other towns are allowed from other municipalities for some vital needs at a given day.

It is a known fact that some people from outside the city do shopping and business in the city as Borongan serves as the capital city.

The mayor said that other mayors from other towns allow more than ten people to enter the city, contrary to the provisions of the Executive Order.

“More people from outside are coming to Borongan City,” he observed.

“So I have to protect the people of Borongan!”

He also thanked the people of Borongan for heeding the ‘Stay at Home Order.’

“We have to choose between our convenience and our health,” he said.

As to other issues, Agda said that the national government directed the LGUs to identify those in the informal sectors like tryke drivers, PUJ drivers, construction workers, kasambahay and others.

He added that they are given only up to Friday to submit the list of those who will be given the social amelioration packages.

He likewise informed the media to disseminate the information  that he will extend the home quarantine to another week specifically until April 12.

He added that he is hoping that the number of PUMs and PUIs will continue to decrease so that Estehanons can then go back to their normal lives.

We hope that you will still ‘stay at home’ so that the risk of the virus is less, the mayor said.

The mayor also said that he is ordering  a stricter border control.

He said that he fears that the COVID-19 virus from Calbayog may reach Eastern Samar.

He added that Calbayog and Catbalogan are two of the city’s major trading partners and he cannot risk that the covid virus could reach the city like the goods the two cities are transporting to Borongan.

The mayor also said that he will continue to distribute relief goods until all this is over.

He urged all Boronganons to just stay at home as the government will be reaching out to them.

“Your mayor is doing what he can to make you feel that this government cares.” (nbq/ PIA 8-Eastern Samar)


source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1037814

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