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Borongan City Mayor extends Enhanced Community Quarantine

April 17, 2020 Uncategorized

BORONGAN CITY, April 16 (PIA) – – Borongan City Mayor Jose Ivan Dayan C. Agda extended the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) until April 30, 2020.

The issuance which he termed as re-declaration of the ECQ was based on the recommendation of the City Inter-Agency Task Force.

Agda said that this is to ensure the safety of Boronganons as there are now three COVID-19 suspects based on the new DOH guidelines.

One of whom already died.

The following general guidelines should be observed: strict home quarantine for all households; movement shall be limited to accessing basic necessities; provision for foods and essential health services shall be regulated.

On Home Quarantine Pass (HQP), the Brgy. Captain will issue HQP to their residents, provided that, only two HQPs per household per week shall be given.

Per advice of the DOH and City Health Office, those who are at least 60 years of age, immuno-compromised persons, pregnant women, minors, and persons with history of pulmonary ailments are not allowed to go out from their houses.

Barangay officials shall likewise maintain a checkpoint in their respective barangays.

The City Health Office, PNP, CDRRMO personnel and deputized city government personnel, BJMP, BFP, and PA shall maintain checkpoints on major entry points to Borongan City to enforce quarantine procedures.

Gatherings, whether civic or religious in purpose, shall be suspended until further notice.

A work from home arrangement shall be implemented in the City Government except for PNP, CDRRMO, City Health Office and personnel who man border control and critical services and except for “essential skeletal workforce” of the city government.

Operations of public transport within the city shall be suspended, and cargo trucks and supplies deliveries of essential goods, foods, medicines, hygiene and medical supplies to and from the city shall not be hindered subject to the observance of strict sanitation.

Construction companies shall be allowed to perform construction services either for private or public projects, provided that construction companies shall provide quarters/lodging for their workers and/or transport vehicle for their laborers and all workers shall wear face mask and observe social distancing.

Hardware stores shall remain closed.

However, they can sell hardware products through delivery and pick-up schemes.

As to restrictions/regulations on business operations – all business establishments in the City shall be suspended until further notice, except for grocery stores, city public market, meat shops, bakeshops, sari-sari stores, pharmacies, drug stores and medical supply stores and other stores selling essential products are enjoined to open.

Also enjoined to open are banks and financial institutions, remittance centers, hospitals, medical clinics, diagnostics centers, and medical laboratories, radio stations for public information dissemination.

Restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, and other similar establishments may continue to operate for take-outs and delivery orders only.

All are ordered to wear facemask in public places, the EO added.

“We must not be complacent that is why, I decided that our Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) be extended similar to the declaration of the Provincial Government,” Agda said.

The Mayor further said that he issued the EO to protect Boronganons.

“I appeal to my constituents to cooperate and stay at home,” Agda said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Agda disclosed that he will give hazard pay to the city front liners for their dedicated service to ensure the safety of Boronganons. (nbq/SDC/PIA-E. Samar)

source https://pia.gov.ph/news/articles/1039190

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