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Keep up with the times this Valentine’s

February 15, 2012 technology

The day of hearts is almost here and what better way to show your significant other your undying devotion than with a candle lit dinner, a sentimental movie, or perhaps even a quiet stroll along Luneta. 

As love-struck as Filipinos can get, however, not everyone subscribes to the old-fashioned (and sometimes pricey) traditions of Valentine’s Day. There are those who would just like to keep things simple yet meaningful enough to say that they care deeply–even without having deep pockets.
If that last line struck you like cupid’s arrow, then best listen up because the lovelorn list below is just for you.

Give her the world!
Not enough time to travel the world and see the sites? Do the next best thing—travel the world (wide web) and see your favorite (web) sites. And while you’re at it, do it while riding a Rocket. Smart recently outed the country’s first Internet plug-it designed for women aptly called the Rocket Chic. It features a metallic pink finish, a retractable USB plug, and connection speeds of up to a whopping 12Mbps! Now, your lady can paint the web pink whenever she wants.

Price: P2,345 on prepaid

Cheaper than: a date at a fancy restaurant

Give love, every day
What is a 4 letter word that every Filipino can’t get enough of? FREE! Which is why the prospect of being able to communicate with friends and loved ones for zero Pesos is such an enticing offer. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition, a full-fledged Android smartphone that goes free with every Smart Netphone plan along with unlimited Smart-to-Smart texts (UNLItxt), and unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter feeds (UNLIsocial). Those looking for love, meanwhile, can make new friends using SmartNet’s chat feature which can be used for free until March 31, 2012.

Price: Free at Plan 349

Cheaper than: 2 movie tickets

She’s the Apple of your i
What’s the one thing that should be with you always? If you answered “your mobile phone”, congratulations, you are now single (the correct answer is “your wife/girlfriend in your thoughts”). For those who answered otherwise, you can make it up to your partner with a tasty Apple iPhone 4S. Pick up a pair so you can make unlimited video calls via WiFi using Facetime. Or enjoy playing against each other with the thousands of games available in the App Store. Remember, though, that SIRI is just an obedient voice assistant and is not a suitable replacement for a real woman.

Price: P33,200 on prepaid

Cheaper than: an engagement ring
(OJO: Image available at http://www.apple.com/pr/products/iphone/iphone.html)

Send love (and load) from abroad
Your love knows no boundaries, and so do your gifts. For seafarers, there’s the Smart Link RegaloLine which lets you send cakes, flowers, toys, and even gadgets to anywhere in the country. Meanwhile if you’re an OFW who would like to send load to your wife, you can do so with the Chikka TopApp (free from the Android Market). With the press of a button, you can send various denominations and just have the fee deducted from your load wallet if you’re on prepaid or included into your monthly bill if you’re on postpaid.

Price: Varies

Less risky than: having your kumpare do the abovementioned stuff for you

Put her in the mood
What better way to sway the situation in your favor than with music? And with a selection of songs from various artists and genres, MyMusic Store (mymusicstore.com.ph) is the perfect place to buy your favorite tracks at a price you can afford. Best of all, like Chikka TopApp, you can use your Smart load wallet to pay for your purchases.

Price: P15-P35/track

Better than: serenading her with your squeaky voice

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